The dreaded scale


I know it’s a strong word but I HATE the scale! I see some clients that have a great week, loose multiple inches and their weight doesn’t change or has stayed the same. They can get down on themselves and think their efforts have gone to waste. This is NOT the case!!! Here are some reasons why…

Water weight: Drinking just one 16-ounce glass of water before jumping on the scale can translate to 1 lb of weight gain. This is of course temporary but gives us a reason not to trust the scale. The reverse of this is also true. If you weigh yourself after an intense workout the scale may say you’ve lost an extra pound or two. Unfortunately this is also just temporary

Constipation: Being backed up for a couple days can add anywhere from 1-4 lbs to the number on the scale. Again, this is just temporary!

High sodium: Eating high sodium foods are not ideal for health or weight loss, but on top of that they skew the number on the scale. Salty foods can cause your body to hold on to water, which temporarily causes the number on the scale to go up.

High carbs: When you consume more carbs than your body needs they get stored in your liver as something called glycogen. Glycogen attracts water, so ultimately this has the same effect as the high sodium meal -temporary higher weight on the scale, due to increased water.

Body composition: The scale does not take into account body composition. It doesn’t tell you how much fat you’ve lost and muscle you’ve gained. Muscle takes up only about 1/3rd as much space as fat.

These are just a few reasons that the scale can be skewed, the list goes on and on! Don’t let the scale bring you down. If you’re clothes fit better and you’re feeling great, than keep doing what you’re doing!