Super Human Strength Vegan Protein Powder Review (and smoothie bowl recipe)

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These days there are TONS of protein powders on the market. With all these products, it’s become increasingly difficult to navigate through them to find which options are truly healthy (and also taste good). To keep things simple, I’ve stuck with the same couple protein powders for many years now (Sun Warrior and Genuine Health). So, when I was asked to do a product review for Super Human Strength Pure Protein I was definitely a little hesitant, but still excited to try something new!


The low-down of Super Human Strength Pure Protein:

Made from mostly Pea Protein:
Pea protein has been increasing in popularity – likely because it’s a dairy free, gluten free, plant based source of protein – which can be hard to come by. Pea protein is a complete protein and is rich in all nine essential amino acids. It has shown to be an excellent vegan protein source for building muscle. Pea protein can also aid in weight loss since it digests slowly – keeping you full longer.

Sweetened with Stevia:
When it comes to protein powders, I would never chose a product with added sugar or artificial sweeteners - it’s usually a sign of poor quality. But, Stevia is a natural sweetener, unlike aspartame and sucralose, so there’s no added sugar in this product! Tip: If you want something with a sweeter taste add more fruit to your smoothies (it’s much better for you than added sugar!)

Contains turmeric and black pepper:
Turmeric is so incredible for you! Its active ingredient is called curcumin. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory and a strong antioxidant, but curcumin is poorly absorbed by the bloodstream. Consuming a bit of black pepper increases the bio-availability of curcumin by 2000% - so I love that Super Human protein powder uses both turmeric and black pepper.

This is a smooth protein powder with little to no grainy texture. It also did a great job thickening my smoothie, giving it a more creamy consistency, which is always a good thing! **I also use steamed cauliflower in my smoothie bowls to make them extra thick! (This can be a great avocado alternative if you’re allergic to them like me)

Overall flavor:
This has the right level of sweetness and vanilla without being overpowering to other flavors in my smoothie. You can taste it but it’s neutral enough that it would pair well with most smoothie recipes. Overall, it was just right!

$65 + tax for 975 grams. This is exactly what I would expect to pay for a high quality protein. 

All in all I really loved this protein powder and would definitely recommend it! Between the taste and the clean nutrition it provides I think it’s a great product! For me I don’t think I need a whole scoop (the scoop size is really big and offers 25g of protein) so I’ve been using about ¾ of a scoop and I find it still keeps me full and satisfied. For men and very active women, I would recommend a full scoop. 

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Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:
½ cup frozen pineapple
¼ cup frozen blueberries
5 ice cubes
1 small handful steamed (or steamed then frozen) cauliflower
1 handful spinach
1 scoop protein powder
1 cup almond milk (or more if needed to blend)


Toppings (here are some ideas, but feel free to get creative):
1 TBSP coconut flakes
1 sprinkle of sunflower seeds
2 tsp nut butter of choice

1. Blend all Smoothie Bowl ingredients until smooth
2. Put in a bowl and top with desired toppings
3. Enjoy!