DIY Kefir

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I’ve been a fan of kefir for a while now…it tastes amazing and is incredible for gut health! I wouldn't have thought to make it myself, it's fermented, which seems so complicated! Eventually I came across Vivo kefir and yogurt starters, which makes kefir seem so simple to make! It says that all you have to do is put the powder into a jug of milk and let it sit 20-24h. Seems too easy? I thought so too, but decided to try anyways. It was easy enough that if all went wrong at least I wouldn’t have put effort into nothing (there’s basically no effort required!). So, I gave it a try!

In case you don’t know what kefir is, here’s a brief overview:

Kefir is a cultured fermented beverage. It tastes like a tangy yogurt drink…the consistency is thinner than yogurt, and it’s usually a bit more tart than yogurt. In terms of health benefits, kefir generally has more fat, protein, and probiotics than yogurt. In my opinion, the high probiotic count is what makes kefir superior to yogurt!


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I made my own kefir.

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1.       Pour 1L of organic milk (I used whole, but any percent will work) into a mason jar. The instructions say you can keep milk in the jug, but I used a jar so I could warm it up faster (see step 2)

Note: You can use anywhere form 1-3L of milk
*You can use any type of milk that has >8g of protein. The only non-dairy option I could find was soy milk.

2.       Wait for milk to reach room temperature. To speed up this process I ran the jar of milk under warm water, then let it sit out for a couple hours.

3.       Pour in the Vivo starter culture.

4.       Shake the jar and leave in an area that’s room temperature (22-24°C). I put it in a cupboard but you can use the counter top or an oven that is turned off.

5.       Leave the mixture to ferment for 20-24h

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6.       After this time, the product should be much thicker than milk. Give the jar a good shake, or stir thoroughly. Place in the refrigerator…and that’s it!

Note: The best taste is achieved within a day, but you can consume the product immediately after cooling.  
*Shelf life of ready-to-use kefir is 5 days.




For more information on Vivo check out their website HERE

*This post had been sponsored, but all opinions are my own