Aly Shoom programs

Food Diary Review:

Are you on the right track but need a little boost? Having trouble satisfying cravings, dealing with food restrictions or need some new meal ideas? Then this plan is for you!

· Submit your 1 week food journal along with your current hurdle(s)
· Based on this information I will give you customized recipes and tips to get you on track
· 40 minutes

Price: $70



Kitchen Raid (Toronto and GTA)

Are you stocking your cabinets with the healthiest choices?  With so many products claiming to be “healthy” and “natural” it’s easy to be eating foods that are holding you back from your health goals without even knowing it. Invite me over to come check it out!

I’ll go through your fridge/cabinets and explain why some of these foods can be sabotaging your health efforts.

I’ll leave you with a shopping list filled with healthy alternatives.

Price: $150



Diet Revamp

3 sessions

· Initial consultation (in person or over the phone)
·Intake session (40 minutes)
·Nutrition consulting session (40 minutes)
·2 follow-ups (15 minutes each)

Price: $250



If we’ve worked together before, and you need a quick tune up, come on in for this 15-minute session. We will go over your latest food journal and I will give you recommendations to keep you on track.

Price: $55


Initial Consultation:

Not sure if this is for you? Come in, let’s chat! We can go over your goals and hurdles and decide if this is the right fit for you.